THANK YOU message from the HOST House


H.O.S.T. is a group of residents from local Churches and the surrounding community who have banded together to help their fellow citizens who are homeless and/or part of the working poor in our society.

Our Vision

Our Vision Statement: To end Homelessness
  • Our Mission Statement: To provide transitional housing and case management, in the Spirit of Christ, to homeless adults.
  • Our Goal

    To minimize the growing homeless population:
    • Year 5 - Building renovation and open for another season
    • Year 6 - Significant funding through Churches, City, County, Federal, and private donations
    Patterson currently has over 60 people homeless, and this number is GROWING.
    • 62% Men
    • 15% Women
    • 23% Children under 15
    Together, we help with the needs of the homeless in our community by assisting with or providing:
    • Shelter Temporary housing for the Winter
    • Food Covering all basic food groups
    • Clothing Shoes, jackets, sweaters, pants
    • Toiletries Toothpaste/brush, soap, towels
    • Labor Pool Assist in paying for themselves
    You can help our cause in many ways.