THANK YOU message from the HOST House


H.O.S.T. is a group of residents from local Churches and the surrounding community who have banded together to help their fellow citizens who are homeless or part of the working poor in our society.

Our Vision

Trusted by our community to share Jesus' love and compassion by providing housing to the homeless, encouraging connections with community resources and sharing the good news to transform lives.

Our Goal

To minimize the growing homeless population:
  • Year 4 - Building renovation and open for another season
  • Year 5 - Significant funding through Churches, City, County, Federal, and private donations
Patterson currently has over 40 people homeless, and this number is GROWING.
  • 62% Men
  • 15% Women
  • 23% Children under 15
Together, we help with the needs of the homeless in our community by assisting with or providing:
  • Shelter Temporary housing for the Winter
  • Food Covering all basic food groups
  • Clothing Shoes, jackets, sweaters, pants
  • Toiletries Toothpaste/brush, soap, towels
  • Labor Pool Assist in paying for themselves
You can help our cause in many ways.